Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 2020

The residents of Dyker Heights, a small neighborhood in Brooklyn, go all out with Christmas lights every year- so much so that there are companies that arrange bus tours for out-of-towners. The display is not coordinated, and there’s no obligation to participate, but if you move to a house there, you’ll catch the spirit sooner or later!

Some residents hire professional decorators to put up their lights. Others have been doing it so long that it’s second nature. Some are tasteful and understated, while others go with the philosophy that nothing succeeds like excess. And since you aren’t traveling for Christmas this year, you may as well enjoy Dyker Heights virtually. Continue reading for more.

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Homeowners seem to have gone the extra mile for 2020. A bleak year of distance and disease needs more holiday cheer than usual.

And if you really want the experience of walking down the street in Dyker Heights, here’s a video tour.

Source: neatorama

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