Dyson's Smart, Flexible-Application Lightcycle Morph Lamp

I’m not 100% sold on the aesthetics (I’m 90% of the way there), but I find this Lightcycle Morph lamp by Dyson to be a very intelligent design.

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Although it resembles a task lamp, it is far more flexible, offering four lighting configurations: Task…



…and ambient.

The lighting temperature is easily user-controllable via a sensor on the top, which you slide your finger along. (I’d have preferred a physical slider to a touch-capacitive strip, but this is 2023 and we can’t have nice things anymore.)

There’s a single charging port near the base of the stem.

Furthermore, the light is “smart”—place a book beneath it, and a light-measuring sensor automatically dims the light as needed, so as not to blind you with the reflectiveness of the white pages. Remove the book, and the light goes back to its previous setting.

The pictures don’t do a great job telling the story of the lamp. Here’s Dyson Expert Shane demonstrating the lamp’s four applications:

The feature I could do without: The lamp uses GPS(!) and an onboard chip to “intelligently [track] the colour temperature and brightness for your local daylight,” providing illumination inside that’s similar to what’s going on outside. The onboard tech required for this unnecessary trick drives the price up to a whopping £500 (USD $620) for the table model and £650 (USD $806) for the floor-standing. It’s a pity they cannot be purchased without the daylight-matching feature.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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