Dystopian Concept Designs by "Peter Who Draws"

At first glance, the designs by concept artist “E wo kaku Peter” (“Peter who draws”) appear to be merely fanciful, like these:

Formula One tow car
Ancient Egyptian hard drive
Dracula extermination kit

The first hint that Peter’s got some underlying thoughts about a consumerist society appears with this drawing of a bland, joyless, generic, faceless toy.


And these needlessly overcomplicated product designs.

Electric toothbrush that runs on power tool batteries
Hi-tech train ticket puncher
Hi-tech bread bag plastic tie
Hi-tech needle threader
Augmented cell phone

He’s got some thoughts on technology, infrastructure and public space, too.

Public Twitter terminals
Public smartphone
Cyber (e-?)mailbox
Takoyaki (octopus ball) maker built into a manhole

As well as some commentary on the fetishization of military equipment.

Militarized spray bottle
The Kawaii (“cute”) machine pistol
The Kawaii (“cute”) machine pistol
Rental-umbrella-stand-based machine gun dispenser, 1
Rental-umbrella-stand-based machine gun dispenser, 2

He also gets some jabs in at what we spend our time doing and how we treat nature and the environment, including our own bodies.

Mobile gaming rig
A “Planter PC”
Disposable lungs

Perceived commentary aside, the bulk of the projects on Peter’s website are of military vehicles and robots. He periodically releases new work on his Twitter account.

On the latter he occasionally releases video of his drawing process.

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??? #Procreate pic.twitter.com/3coYwnlCat

— ????PETER (@peter6409) September 23, 2017


The man’s got skills.

Source: core77

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