ECAL's Digital Market Sells .stl Files for Student-, Faculty-, Alumni-Designed Objects

It would be neat if every ID school had one of these. Switzerland’s ECAL has an online Digital Market where they sell the .stl files of objects designed by Master Product Design students, alumni and faculty.

The nature of most of the objects is functional but designey. Some examples:

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Tape Dispenser

Designed by Oscar Estrada

Coat Hook

Designed by Victor Moynier


Designed by Chelsea Park

Lego Parts I, Parts II

Designed by Christian Spiess

Magic Tape Dispenser

Designed by Industrial Facility

Round Tray

Designed by Oscar Estrada & Mu-Hao Kao


Designed by Ignacio Merino

Smartphone Cover

Designed by Thomas Missé


Designed by Tomas Alonso

One catch is there are no details or descriptions of any of the objects, beyond their name and dimensions. I have no idea how the Magic Tape Dispenser works, nor what type of ink cartridges the Pen takes, for instance. That seems like a weird oversight for an otherwise nifty idea.

Every file costs €9 (USD $9).

Source: core77

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