Eco Gloves: Disposable, Compostable, Plant-Based Anti-Germ Gloves

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Eco Gloves are a sustainable and convenient alternative to disposable latex gloves (like the kind I’ve been using at the gas station and supermarket). They’re individually wrapped (by pair), made of plant-based materials like cornstarch, and both the gloves and the packaging they come in–which is also plant-based–are compostable.

The individual packages, which come 24 to a bag, are roughly condom-package-sized, so you can tuck these into pockets and wallets.

Here’s the part of the FAQ you’re probably curious about:

Q: What is the permeability? Will viruses be able to penetrate through your gloves? Do cleaning chemicals compromise the material?

A: Our gloves are made from premium based cornstarches and are durable enough to withstand the toughest of jobs. At a thickness of 60 microns, they will not leak, break or easily tear under normal use. As long as the integrity of the gloves are maintained (i.e. gloves are not used if soiled or torn), viruses will not be able to penetrate through our gloves. Similarly, cleaning chemicals will not compromise the material of the gloves because the gloves are strong enough. The material is designed to only degrade or break-down in a compost environment and will not degrade under normal use.

At press time Eco Gloves had been successfully Kickstarted, and there were still 49 hours left to pledge.

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