Edie Sunday Photography

Nostalgia and surreal moments between reality and imagination captured on film by Edie Sunday.

Edie Sunday is a young photographer who prefers to work exclusively with film. Her photographic work is often characterized by a dreamlike and nostalgic mood. She likes to combine her portraits with different effects such as double exposure and difficult lighting conditions to give them a more experimental look. Partly random, partly intended, Edie Sunday creates dreamlike images full of obscure beauty and femininity. Her photographs act like connections between her dreams and real experiences. Whether shots of landscapes, portraits of friends or self-portraits, her photographs are reflections of intimacy and different emotions. Some beautiful examples can be found below. For more, please visit Edie Sunday’s website or follow her on Instagram.

Edie Sunday, What I thought you knew but you didn't know.
“What I thought you knew but you didn’t know.”
Edie Sunday, Double exposure.
Double exposure photography.
Edie Sunday, dreamlike portrait.
Dreamlike portrait.
Edie Sunday, Landscape
What a stunning landscape shot!
Edie Sunday, Mirror self portrait.
Self portrait in front of the mirror.
Edie Sunday, Portrait
Portrait on film.
Edie Sunday, Relaxed road trip.
That seems to be a relaxed road trip.
Edie Sunday, Smoking.
Smoking – close up.
Edie Sunday, Swimming.
Swimming side by side.

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