Eerie minimalism of an Australian salt mine

In an unexpectedly gorgeous set of photographs, Emma Phillips shows us the quiet beauty of a salt refinery. With a landscape that is nearly monochromatic in its dusty white, the mounds and hills can appear to be abstract shapes.

The Australian photographer took the images in the western part of her country, just off the Nullarbor Plain, where the majority of the country’s salt is produced. She shot the series in just a few hours. After seeing the site in 2010 during a road trip, Phillips knew that she needed to return to capture it. “As soon as I walked around, I had this epiphany and knew what the project would be,” she said. “I sort of went into a bit of trance.”

Salt_01-emma-phillips-portfolio-fisheyelemag-1100x825salt_02salt_03  Salt_04-emma-phillips-portfolio-fisheyelemag-1100x826salt_05salt_06salt_08salt_09salt_10salt_11Salt_14-emma-phillips-portfolio-fisheyelemag-1100x825Salt_15-emma-phillips-portfolio-fisheyelemag-1100x825salt_16Salt_16-emma-phillips-portfolio-fisheyelemag-1100x825salt_17


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