Eigerwand, The Railway Station Carved Into The Mountains

The Jungfrau massif is flanked by the Grindelwald and Rhône river valleys in the south-central Swiss Alps, between the towns of Brig and Interlaken. Its main peaks are the Jungfrau itself (in German, the maiden ), which reaches 4,158 meters in altitude, the Mönch (the monk ) with 4,099 meters and the Eiger (the ogre ), with 3,970.

Precisely the latter, the Eiger, is famous for its mythical north face, a vertical wall of 1,500 meters whose extreme difficulty is legendary in mountaineering. More than 60 climbers have lost their lives there on their ascent, since the first attempt in 1934.

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Eigerwand, The Railway Station

The windows of the Eigerwand station on the north wall of the Eiger. Photo: Whgler/Wikimedia

Source: amusingplanet.com

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