Eight Brides in One Family have Worn the Same Wedding Dress

In 1950, Adele Larson Stoneberg found a lovely wedding dress at Marshall Fields in Chicago and got married in it. Her granddaughter Serena Stoneberg wore the same dress when she got married on August 5th. In between, six other women in the family wore the same dress at their own weddings! In the third picture of the gallery above, you see Serena Stoneberg photographed with the six surviving women who also wore the dress: her great aunts, aunts, and cousin. Seven of the eight weddings took place in the Chicago area, and four at the same church.

The family considers it a “lucky dress,” but didn’t set out to make it a tradition. As the dress was re-used by Adele’s sisters, it just sort of happened. But now it is definitely a tradition. The dress has been altered by each bride, but is still recognizable from pictures taken 72 years ago. How lucky is the dress? None of the brides who wore it have gotten a divorce. Read the full story at the Chicago Tribune.

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Source: neatorama

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