Elemental Haiku: A Poetic Periodic Table

To someone who’s not into chemistry, the Periodic Table of Elements may seem incomprehensible. Looking at it without understanding is downright boring. For that matter, looking at it can be boring even if you do understand it. So how about a bit of poetry to make the elements relatable? That’s what we get with Elemental haiku. Here are some samples.

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There’s no shame in it.
Advertising pays the bills.
Stop looking so red.


Called in for questions,
blacklisted, cannot quite shake
your poisonous past.


Licked by the women
painting luminous watches.
How much time stolen?

See, every element has a story, one that can be told in seventeen syllables. Elements matter, so to speak. Check out all the elements at Elemental haiku.  -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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