Elon Musk Changes Twitter's Logo to "X"

Because billionaires can do whatever they want, Elon Musk has changed Twitter’s logo with lightning speed. On Saturday, he sent out a Tweet announcing the company would now be called “X,” and sought logo suggestions; by Sunday the new logo was being projected onto Twitter HQ in San Francisco.

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The rebranding is for two reasons: One, for some reason Musk is obsessed with the letter “X.” Two, Musk’s plan is to turn Twitter into an “everything app” of the sort popular in China, where users employ singular apps for a multitude of activities: Chatting, shopping, banking, et cetera.

To transform Twitter—er, X—into an everything app will require a tremendous amount of user trust, which the brand, under Musk’s mercurial leadership, doesn’t currently possess. Many are skeptical. But given Musk’s accoplishments—Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, et cetera—you have to admit he’s got a good chance of pulling it off.

In the meantime, will people still use the word “tweet” as both noun and verb, or are we meant to substitute those with “X?”

Source: core77

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