Embiggen Your Artwork With the Best Analog Overhead and Opaque Projectors

Unless you’re an ace draftsperson or prefer to work directly on a surface, enlarging a design without tracing can be a chore, even for some Old Masters. Vermeer, for one, is believed to have used a camera obscura as an aid to drawing, and look at how well his paintings turned out! You too can get great results with the aid of a projector, today’s equivalent of Vermeer’s device. These machines come in two formats, analog and digital. The latter requires the initial step of scanning your design into a computer, but with an analog model, you can directly enlarge a photo, illustration, or original rendering. So, whether it’s for a canvas or a wall mural, an analog projector lets your art live large with minimum fuss. Find out which one is right for you in our list of recommendations.

Source: artnews.com

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