Embroidered textile art gives “meticulous” a new meaning

Rachel Wright took fashion and textiles at Birmingham City University and finished both Bachelor and Master’s degree there before starting up a business in 1994. Just a mere glimpse at her work says a lot about how passionate she is about embroidery. She takes inspiration from landscapes and cityscapes. Her favorite subjects are the sea, harbor towns, boats, and lighthouses.

The shapes, colors, and details of these are then borrowed and echoed in delicately hand or machine embroidered fabric collages, using vibrant threads, worked onto papers and fabrics. The signature skies in her landscapes are often dramatic and expressive. Embroidery enables her to draw and paint using fabric and stitch as a medium. What makes her embroideries different is their striking colors which she uses to captivate and draw the viewer in.

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More than anything, her main goal is to delight the eyes of her audience. Aside from her website, you can learn more about Rachel Wright and her art on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Source: designfaves.com

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