Embroidery with Bees

Ava Roth, a paint and embroidery artist in Toronto, collaborates with bees in her recent projects. She weaves into her embroidery hoops fabrics that are bee-friendly and then inserts them into beehives so that her co-workers can contribute. Colossal reports:

She receives help from master beekeeper Mylee Nordin, and together, they vertically stack hive boxes, which are known as supers, and insert large, custom-made structures. The artist also has developed a more detailed practice in recent months. “Because this project has required so much trial and error, I was still experimenting with materials last season, trying to find substances that the bees would consistently respond to positively,” she writes. “I was trying to find organic substances that would not harm the bees but also that the bees would not eat or otherwise destroy.”

You can see more examples of embroidery by Roth and her apiarian collaborators on her Instagram page.

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Source: neatorama

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