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Okay, hold the phone… a ceramic mural?! YEP! The hands, the fruit, the color palette… all of it!!! This beauty is the work of Seattle based artist Emily Counts, and is installed at Facebook HQ in Redmond, Washington. I seriously could have posted everything in her entire portfolio… like this piece, or this one, or even this one. Here is part of Emily’s artist statement, explaining why she does what she does:

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“My ceramic and mixed media sculptures begin with an interest in connectivity, whether physical, social, or conceptual. Many pieces are comprised of objects attached to one another via tethers or chains while other works connect vertically, consisting of shapes stacked high on top of each other. Each element is paired, sequenced, grouped or assembled. With all of these physical couplings I am considering how associations are formed in our minds, and also how similar connections occur within our bodies, in nature, and through technology. Chain reactions, associative memories, and social networks are all examples of the types of connections that influence my work. I especially look for pathways and relationships between things that may seem unrelated on the surface.”

Beautiful. Emily is currently part of a two-person show, with Ko Kirk Yamahira, at Studio e in Seattle. The show runs until Sept 12, 2020. ps. I’ll be writing about Kirk tomorrow, because his work is gorgeous too!

Source: thejealouscurator

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