Employee Forced To Continue Working After She Goes Into Labor Asks “How The Hell Is It Legal?”

As if going into labor and giving birth was not already enough of a lifetime challenge, this pregnant woman was told that when the time comes, she basically has to suck it up and work until the job is fully done.

In a post shared on the r/AntiWork community, Redditor Legitimate_Ocelot718 shared a story of how she “was talking to her store manager today about the protocol of what will happen if I go into labor while at work.” To her surprise, the boss had his own scenario that could be called a multiple-step process to close the retail store she is working in.

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Now the woman is wondering whether such demands from her boss are even legal. Read the full story right below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below the post.

One heavily pregnant woman is wondering whether her company policy if she goes into labor while at work is legal

Image credits: Cparks (not the actual photo)

Despite the passage of a law prohibiting pregnancy discrimination 40 years ago, claims of women being discriminated against at their workplaces remain widespread. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act made it illegal for employers to consider pregnancy in decisions about hiring, firing and promotion. According to the law, pregnant women have the same accommodations and protections as their colleagues with other kinds of health issues or disabilities.

But although decades have passed since its implementation, many working and pregnant women still are not familiar with their rights or don’t know how to assert them. Meanwhile, more than 80 percent of women give birth to a child at some point during their working years.

The woman recently had a conversation with her store manager where she works about the protocol, and this is what she was told

And this is what people commented on this whole situation


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