Employee Quits And Charges 3 Times His Salary To Answer Any Questions, Ex-Boss Is Furious

Recently, a person took their story to the Antiwork community on Reddit to remind everyone that you don’t owe your boss. “I got a new job a couple months ago after staying at my old one for way, way too long,” the author explained in a post that amassed 5.5k upvotes.

But since the Redditor was “the only one who knew about tons of our IT infrastructure, and I anticipated that I was going to get tons of texts and phone calls from former coworkers,” they came up with an idea. Let’s just say that the boss didn’t quite like it, to say the least.

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Turns out that on their way out, the Redditor signed a formal contracting agreement to handle any questions from their now-former coworkers.

This former employee signs a contract to charge the company for helping their ex-coworkers with questions, totally enrages their boss

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Christine Mitterbauer, a licensed and ICF-approved career coach and serial entrepreneur told Bored Panda when commenting on this story: “I certainly don’t think it’s right that a former employee should spend their free time answering phone calls from the previous company for free.”

Mitterbauer believes that it’s a pretty creative solution this person has thought up. “If the manager is annoyed about this, he or she should ensure that it’s a business practice to keep a record with complete and up-to-date company knowledge, and when someone leaves, they spend their remaining time recording such knowledge so that the present and next employees can learn.”

“Clearly, this hadn’t been done properly, so I don’t blame this employee for coming up with a solution with sounds pretty fair,” the career coach concluded.

This is how people reacted to this story

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Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum reports that the rate of people quitting their jobs voluntarily in the United States is up on pre-pandemic levels.

What’s more, a whopping 65% of people who quit their job did not return to the same industry, this research done in Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States by McKinsey & Company revealed.

The survey also revealed the most common reasons cited by those handing in their notice. People named these main reasons: “Lack of career development/advancement” and “inadequate compensation”. The third most common reason for quitting was named as “uncaring or uninspiring leaders.”

According to professor Peter Cappelli, the director of the School’s Center for Human Resources, the big thing that has changed is that we have a ton of jobs open all of a sudden. “The reason for that is employers waited until the last minute to hire or waited until demand was already back. They didn’t anticipate that everybody else was going to do the same thing, and that employees who were laid off were not just sitting by the phone, waiting for them to call.” Hence, we see a huge turnover of employees in different industries right now.

Others shared their own experiences about consulting their former companies

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