Empty Light by Amanda Buckley

Empty Light by Amanda Buckley

Most lamps don’t encourage you to look directly into the light, but the Empty Light by Amanda Buckley does just that. Lighting is everywhere in our daily lives and more often than not, when you spot a lamp you’re going to find yourself staring at a bare light bulb. That’s where Buckley found inspiration and decided to design a lamp whose shade was concave but looks as if it’s flat, thereby creating an optical illusion to gaze at.

The lamp has a pivoting shade that also swivels on a hinge so it can be adjusted into any position where you may need light. It easily goes from being a reading or task light to being an up light, or it can be pointed at the wall for ambient light.

When you look into the underside of the shade, it looks as if it has a diffuser covering the bulb when, instead it has hidden LEDs that are reflected from the shade’s soft white coated interior.

Empty Light is made of aluminum and is available in Light Grey, Blue, and Black with a soft-coat finish.

Photo by Matthew Booth

All photos by Roland Lindner except where noted. Photos courtesy of v2com.

Source: design-milk

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