"Endlessly Clever" Design for a Garbage Can With an Endless Bag

At some point, we’ve all thrown out a garbage bag that was not completely full, because it contained something foul that we didn’t want to fester inside. In institutional settings like hospitals and restaurants, that practice can be extremely wasteful, burning through standardized bags with randomly non-standardized contents.

Swedish packaging company Paxxo has addressed this issue with their Longopac waste bagging system, which they refer to as “endlessly clever.” That’s because the system utilizes an “endless bag cassette,” which is really a long tube of polyethylene–up to 125 meters (410 feet) in length. Loaded into their specially designed Longopac receptacle, which is open-sided, the end user determines how long each individual garbage bag will be.

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Here’s how it works:

Even with the added usage of zip-ties, the company claims the system still saves C02 in the long run, and confers benefits in “time saving handling, low material consumption and low transport costs.” Hygiene is also improved, making the system popular in a variety of industries.

The bag cassettes come in different diameters, lengths and even hues, for operations requiring color-coding operations.

They’ve designed a variety of receptacle types for different industries and applications:

I’m not crazy about the amount of zip-ties required, but the design is quite clever, and I could see a lot of uses for it on the farm alone.

Source: core77

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