Enrique Metinides: the photographer who has seen all the darkness in the world

First responders to a crime or accident know how gruesome things can be when they arrive at the scene. But none of them takes a minute to get their cameras and capture the horrible moment. After all, they’re not photographers – but Enrique Metinides is. And that’s exactly what he did.

Metinides was able to document the grisly times of Mexico during the rise of crime and death in the 20th century. Most of his black and white photographs focus on people who are either in danger or already dead. But what is most bothersome in the pictures is the normalcy of the crimes, like it is routine. Passersby shrug it off like the accidents are bound to happen. There is almost no emotion in the captured faces of the people. This was the real Mexico back then.

The “Mexican Weegee,” as Metinides is often called, has turned these awful times into eerily beautiful photographs. Most of them might be ghastly, but they reveal a raw truth no other photographer has the gall to capture.


Source: designfaves.com

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