Enter the Salon: A Global Gathering in the Heart Copenhagen

Enter the Salon: A Global Gathering in the Heart Copenhagen

While a number of design weeks are struggling to find their footing, 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen has distinguished itself as one of the most important and exciting events of the design calendar. With expectations higher than ever, Enter the Salon, curated by designer Signe Hytte, is one such example of why design professionals and enthusiasts alike flock to the harbor city in June. Enter the Salon manifests itself as a testament to how a culmination of curation and talent creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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A minimalist home office with a wooden desk, chairs, and shelves. A large, conical pendant light hangs above the desk. The space features neutral tones and organized minimalist decor.

The joint exhibition of international brands was set within The Conary, an old townhouse located in the heart of Copenhagen. The event paid homage to the historic salons of Paris, London, Berlin, and Copenhagen, which were vibrant gatherings where intellectuals and creatives exchanged ideas and challenged societal norms. Within this context, Enter the Salon was an invitation to all guests guided by the same spirit – to inspire others, talk, listen, and think with an open mind.

Hytte expands on this by explaining: “My vision is to do away with the classic fair stand and tell a story instead. One where every guest can explore multiple layers and find their own to be inspired by.”

A minimalist wall-mounted vase with dried flowers is displayed in a room with beige walls and a tall window with beige curtains.

The common thread throughout all of the brands is an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and quality over passing trends. Each brand drew from refined traditions to create contemporary pieces, from intricate wood joinery to captivating textile installations and handcrafted pieces. The result is a collection of pieces both timeless and innovative, brought to life by the artistry of Karimoku Case, Carpe Diem Beds, Ambientec, Origin Made, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Silkeborg Uldspinderi, and August Sandgren.

The centerpiece of the exhibition was the Atrium, a warm and vibrant space where talks, breakfasts, and events took place, providing a retreat from the festival’s bustle.

A minimalist lobby with white seating, a brown floor, and large, white, fabric light fixtures hanging from a glass ceiling. Cream-colored curtains line the walls. Small vases with plants adorn the space.

A modern lounge area with minimalist furniture, including round tables, upholstered chairs, a sofa, and contemporary hanging light fixtures. The room is decorated in neutral tones with floor-to-ceiling curtains.

A minimalist lounge area with beige sofas, light fabric chairs, and tall vases with dried floral arrangements. The background features beige curtains.

A modern living room with beige walls, a large pendant light, a wooden coffee table, sofas, a potted plant, and abstract wall art.

A serene, well-lit interior corner showcasing minimalist decor: a wooden table with sculptures, a bookshelf, and a window with light-colored curtains.

A wooden coffee table with two geometric stone sculptures placed on it. A beige sofa is partially visible in the background.

Three rectangular wall-mounted vases with minimalist dried floral arrangements on a beige wall next to a window with beige curtains.

A neatly made bed with beige linens and pillows is next to a wooden nightstand holding a small lamp and a glass. The room has light-colored walls and a partial wall hanging is visible.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Source: design-milk

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