Entitled ‘Nice Guy’ Gets Put In His Place Perfectly

There’s nothing truly nice about a nice guy. If you have met one, you know it. Often predators in disguise, these dudes think they’re somehow entitled to a woman’s affection for being kind. You can meet them anywhere: work, university, your friends’ circle and you name it, which makes it even more disturbing and creepy.

But this woman who recently got bombarded with texts by one entitled nice guy wasn’t going to put up with it. On the contrary, after receiving a series of weird messages at 1AM at night demanding that she go on a date, and accusing her of “playing hard to get,” she had a whole lot to tell him.

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Scroll down below to the master move in putting a creep in his place right below, and be sure to share your thoughts on incidents like this in the comments. Also, if you’d like to get to know more about the toxic nice guy culture, be sure to check our previous post with women sharing their cringy nice guy stories that are all too real.

One woman has recently shared screenshots of texts she got bombarded with at night

Turns out it was an entitled ‘nice guy’ and he was not leaving the chat that easy

Finally, the woman was pressured to respond and she said she’s not interested

Disturbingly, the nice guy didn’t take no for an answer

After constant pressure, the woman had had enough and laid it all out loud and clear in the message

And two more things before she blocked the creep…

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This is what people commented on this whole incident

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