EPIC DRAWING OF HISTORY – Cleopatra VS Marilyn Monroe

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“More Epic Rap Battle fan art! I liked doing this one because, personally, girls are easier to draw for me 😀 Isn’t that weird? I gotta work on my figure drawing.

So…This picture doesn’t really depict rapping or anything like that. In fact, it kinda went in a more superhero / comic bookish direction. I just saw the Avengers movie. That explains it! I thought it would be funny to base Marilyn on the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman movie poster. No regrets!!!

You may notice that there’s no lyrics to the music, and I did that on purpose, just to avoid some language issues. I know. I know! Normally I’m not a big fan of censorship and I love that this rap battle was bold and has some language about ladies by ladies that makes people uncomfortable (possibly because it’s about ladies and/or by ladies).
However, I also realize and respect that a lot of you out there are watching with your parents or with your children and you deserve to have a night that’s free of awkward conversation. Or worse: awkward silence.

Hope ya enjoy!
~Mary~ ”

Didn’t see the original Rap Battle? Check it out! – http://youtu.be/vICX-6dMOuA

TITLE: “EPIC DRAWING OF HISTORY – Cleopatra VS Marilyn Monroe”
MEDIUM: Watercolor & Ink
SIZE: 14in. X 11in.
TIME: 1hr 54min

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