Equinox on the Docks

Shipyard sign or possibly from a shipwright’s guild, 1600-1699, Netherlands. Rijks Museum.

Although it is several days after the Equinox (sorry, I was busy), it’s still close enough to let you in on a dockside tradition. If you have spent any time around saltwater sailors you may be familiar with The Burning of the Socks.  If not, the poem below will explain.

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Eastport is a section of Annapolis, Maryland.

Here are a few more ship building tools to match to the tools on the sign board. It may seem the cupid in the upper left is holding a hurley, but that is highly unlikely.

Detail of a print by Mathias de Saltieth, 1779. Rijks Museum.

Suzanne Ellison

Source: lostartpress.com

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