Etsy Shops Take on Vaccination Card Holders

The U.S.’ COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card is a terrible piece of design, being printed in a nonstandard size that doesn’t fit into a wallet. Without a handy place to store them, some people are misplacing them. The Atlantic’s Amanda Mull had possible reasons why the design of the cards is so bad, ranging from available cardstock to a former government employee opining that “Nobody thought about it.”

So who’s here to help, for those who want a way to carry them around? Etsy. Creators on the platform can’t redesign the cards, but they are coming up with holders for them:

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MadeByRandR, $10

Familiar Paws, $12.99+

HenneysBoutique, $10

PelleLeatherDesign, $17.55+

Valentineforyou, $6+

SmileLeather, $12.95+

aasmasdream, $6.99+

StudioPineapple, $9

Locoronto, $25+

SimplyRSB, $17.50

DarrellStanding, $35+

There’s tons more here.

It would have been better if the cards had simply been well-designed from the get-go. If you’re curious as to what that would’ve looked like, Time asked prominent graphic designers to redesign them more intelligently, then shared the results.

Source: core77

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