Eustace The Monk Who Became a Pirate And Inspired The Figure of Robin Hood

Every good comic book fan will have read some of the adventures of Corto Maltés and if so, will remember that one of the characters that the protagonist had to deal with in that first and germinal story that was The Ballad of the Salty Sea is the Monk, the chief of the pirates of the South Seas; a mysterious individual, who lives on his own island and whose identity is unknown because he is always hooded. At the end it is revealed who he is, but what interests us here is that this character is inspired by a real one, who lived in the Middle Ages dedicated to the Corsican despite his noble origin and whose thousand adventures inspired the legendary figure of Robin Hood— Eustace the Monk.

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A medieval battle, circa last quarter of the 13th century or 1st quarter of the 14th century.


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