Every Bug in Your House, Ranked by How Worried You Should Be About Them

Humans invented the house to get away from nature, with its rain and predators and other inconveniences. However, insects are everywhere, and never got the message that they aren’t welcome inside. Bugs will come into your home if they get the chance to check out what’s good to eat in there. Should we be worried? Yes, depending on the type of insect.

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Research shows that human homes harbor an average of 100 different insect species, regardless of cleanliness or the presence of pets, which often provide outdoor bugs with free (albeit bumpy) rides to the great indoors. Glancing around my home office, I see a small spider hanging in an upper corner and a modest swarm of gnats circling my dampened snake plant. But going by those statistics, there are almost certainly dozens of other bug species in my near vicinity, hidden just out of sight (and here comes the senseless itching, oh dear God).

Spiders are not insects, but are listed anyway, and are actually beneficial in controlling bugs. The number one bug on the list does not bite, nor is it said to be a disease-carrier. You might be able to guess what kind it is before you check out the list at Mel magazine. 

(Image credit: Ministerio da Saude Timor-Leste)

Source: neatorama

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