Everyday life colorfully depicted on used tea bags by Ruby Silvious

While re-using tea bags is common in some of our households, Ruby Silvious opts for a more artistic approach. She uses old tea bags are canvases for miniature portraits. Often the works combine used candy wrappers and sometimes more than one tea bag to create various diptychs (or even triptychs). The picturesque scenes depict everyday life from alleyways with clothes hanging from multiple stories of ropes to cats staring out of windows.

Silvious began the ongoing series back in January 2015, and three years on she has a book in the works compiling the pieces. She even traveled to Japan and southern France for tea-drinking sessions. Her work was exhibited as part of a group show called, “Deemed a Canvas” at the Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia.

Check out some of her latest below and find more on her website and Instagram.


Source: designfaves.com

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