Ex-Car-Designer's Wire Furniture Line

After graduating from Purdue University, sculptor Guarav Nanda landed a job many ID grads would kill to have: Doing clay modeling for GM.

Nanda worked on interiors, which are of course designed to hold humans, but after seven years he began itching to make something else to hold humans: Furniture. “One day it struck him: furniture is functional artwork and wire is a medium easily used to form shapes and could structurally hold a person,” reads Nanda’s bio. “He dived into making furniture out of wire. A couple years, many prototypes, and a move to Los Angeles later – Bend Goods was born. Those original designs focused on integrating distinct patterns, comfort, color and versatility into furniture and accessories made of wire.”

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Today Bend Goods produces dozens, perhaps hundreds of furniture pieces out of wire: Chairs, stools, tables. Not all of the designs are to my liking, but three of them jumped out at me: His Loop Lounge

Bunny Lounge Chair

…and Hot Seat.

I like the simplicity of the lines, and each of them makes me want to sit in them.

All of the pieces are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, as they’re first galvanized, then powder-coated.

Check out the rest of Bend Goods’ offerings here.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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