“Ex-Husband Backed Out On His Agreement — Ended Up Costing Him So Much More In The Long Run”

Some people who are clearly in the wrong are shocked when they tell someone “sue me”… and then they do. The law is there to help everyone get justice. And though the system might have some flaws, it still fights for the good of all. In one case, it helped a woman finally get all the alimony payments her ex-husband had owed her and her two kids.

Redditor u/ChickWithAnAttitude wrote up a long and enthralling story about how her husband ended up backing out of an agreement to make alimony payments, and how it ended up costing him far more in the long run. What started out as a very amicable divorce eventually devolved into a lot of financial drama.

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Grab yourselves a cup of tea or coffee and a snack, and let’s dive deep into what broken promises can lead to. Scroll down for the full story, Pandas.

A redditor shared what happened when her ex-husband backed out of the agreement they had about him paying alimony

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What started out as a very friendly separation eventually led to a lot of anger and drama

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The woman had a few updates for the r/MaliciousCompliance online community

The redditor’s story got a lot of attention on r/MaliciousCompliance. It got over 20.7k upvotes, and some people even thought that it was worth giving awards over.

However, not everyone was as friendly. u/ChickWithAnAttitude noted that some redditors started sending her nasty direct messages, insulting her.

Whatever the internet’s reaction might be, the mom of two eventually got the entire $120,000 sum of back-owed alimony on day 29 out of 30. That’s a huge win for her personally and for the legal system. It shows that you cannot break agreements easily and that justice will prevail.

Some couples choose to get pre-nuptial agreements before getting married. That way, things are very clear in terms of finances and property in case of divorce. It might not make separation easier emotionally, of course. And not all couples think that a prenup is necessary. Some even think that it’s an indication that the relationship won’t last.

However, dating and relationship expert Dan Bacon told Bored Panda earlier that a prenup doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a lack of trust in one’s partner. However, prenups aren’t for everyone.

“In many cases, it’s based on a lack of trust in the legal system, which usually favors women over men during a divorce. My wife signed a prenup, even though I had no reason to distrust her. We’re still happily together and in love almost 9 years to this day and have two children,” he opened up to us some time ago about his particular situation.

“I went for a prenup because I don’t think a person should ever have the power to threaten another person in a relationship with half of their assets. For example: A wife says to her husband, ‘If you don’t do this/that, I will divorce you and take half your stuff.’ So, in my opinion, a prenup is a legitimate way to help reduce the potential for that kind of manipulation in a marriage,” he shared his opinion.

“My wife was earning slightly more than me when we first met, but that didn’t change my stance on prenups. For me, a prenup is about getting rid of the potential for manipulation or threats and allowing a relationship to last on love, rather than on nasty legal ramifications,” he said.

“The prenup caused absolutely no harm between my wife and me because we are honestly committed to each other and she has no intention of trying to take advantage of me. If anything, it brought us even closer because it reconfirmed for her that she has no intention of ever leaving me,” he said.”

Here’s what people had to say after reading what happened. Some of them even shared their own messy divorce stories

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