Ex-Neighbors Get Their Car Towed After Still Parking In This Woman’s Spot And Ignoring Her Request To Stop

Finding free parking in the middle of a city can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You have to carefully check every sign, look out for parking meters, study the exact dates and times that street cleaning happens, and say a prayer that your car won’t be towed when you return to it. But there is one place we should all feel safe parking, even if we live downtown: our own homes. Unfortunately, one woman did not seem to understand that when you move away from a building or neighborhood, you are not entitled to park there any longer.

One frustrated resident shared a story on Reddit explaining how her former neighbor continued to try to steal her parking lot after moving out, and the situation only escalated from there. The woman reached out to others online wondering if she had reacted too drastically to her parking spot repeatedly being nabbed, so below, you can read the full story and decide for yourself if her response was justified. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and if you have ever had parking drama with neighbors, we would love to hear your stories as well. 

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One woman reached out online to find out if she was wrong for calling a tow truck on her former neighbor’s car

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The woman continued to update the post to clarify details as new information came to light

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Finally, she shared a photo of the retaliation her car endured

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Parking disputes between neighbors are nothing new. When there are not specifically designated spots or one person does not respect the amount of space available for all residents, drama tends to ensue. However, in this particular situation, it should not even be up for discussion. The former neighbor no longer has any right to be parking at a building she does not live in. She was also kindly warned not to park there any longer. I can empathize with how expensive parking is, particularly in big cities or downtown areas, but she has to be reasonable. It is up to her and her employer to find a solution for her parking dilemma when she comes to work; it is not the responsibility of a pregnant former neighbor who is just trying to peacefully live her life and have somewhere to park when she gets home. 

She continued to answer questions in the comments from curious readers

Based on the vocabulary the woman uses in this post, I would guess that she lives in the United States. But parking disputes can happen anywhere. One recent survey in the UK found that 75% of citizens cite parking issues as the main reason they argue with neighbors. In fact, 62% of these residents have even had a falling out with a neighbor over parking, at least once. These parking disputes can easily escalate as well. Often, residents attempt to resolve them on their own, by putting up private parking signs, painting their house number in the space, blocking the space with something, or installing CCTV. But 54% of the survey participants admitted that their arguments even escalated to the point of calling in community police to help resolve the issue. 

Parking can be a touchy issue anywhere. It is basically an extension of your home, and when you don’t have the opportunity to park a safe, comfortable distance from your place of residence, a mountain of unnecessary stress and inconvenience can be added to your day. Sadly, this situation did not end in the former neighbor apologizing or attempting to make things right, and as most of the commenters stated, the resident was absolutely justified in calling a tow truck. We would love to hear your thoughts down below as well. Have you ever been wrapped up in parking drama with neighbors? Feel free to share your personal experiences with your fellow pandas!  

Readers have overwhelmingly sided with the author, assuring her that she had much more patience than most people

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