Ex-Texas Roadhouse Server Shares Customer Requests That Annoyed Her, Sparks Massive Debate Online

Every time you go, for example, to a cafe or restaurant, you have many opportunities to leave your feedback about the quality and service. On the official website, on Google Maps, on numerous recommendation services, on social networks… After all, if we’re unhappy with something, we can always write an angry post on Reddit.

But what if the servers also have their own complaints about customers? And just believe me, these claims can be almost more than those of visitors. And sooner or later, when a person leaves a job in a cafe, their patience can run out – and then something like this viral video from the TikToker @flabigailfartin appears.

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This woman had been working as a server at the Texas Roadhouse for several years and racked up lot of anger towards entitled and overly picky customers

Image credits: USAG- Humphreys (not the actual photo)

“This is going to be a rapid fire of things that annoyed me as a server, particularly server at Texas Roadhouse, because I no longer work there and I can say them now”

“Asking me if I can adjust the volume of the music, change the air conditioning or change the heat, asking me for extra lemons and Splenda in order to make your own lemonade. Disgusting.

Being oddly specific about the amount of ice that you want in your glass. I don’t care. Acting disgusted like a little child when I asked you if you want mushrooms or onions on your steak, even though you are a grown a** adult man. Ewwww, mushrooms and onions? Ewwww, no way!”

Image credits: flabigailfartin

Image credits: flabigailfartin

“Responding ‘done’ when I asked you how you want your steak to be cooked, additionally telling me that you don’t like seeing the blood all over your plate”

“Asking me what are your sides. Look at the menu. Additionally, choosing french fries for both sides when you just made me list out all 20 sides. Asking for coleslaw when we haven’t had coleslaw for the past three years and then proceeding to get into an argument with me about how you got it the last time you were there. No you didn’t.”

Image credits: flabigailfartin

Image credits: flabigailfartin

“Blatantly calling the cactus blossom a blooming onion”

“When you know that you are not at an Outback Steakhouse. You are at a Texas Roadhouse, and I just repeated back to you, cactus blossom, and you said, yeah, the blooming onion. Asking me if a Dallas filet is the same thing as a filet mignon. Yes, it’s just named after a place in Texas because this is a Texas Roadhouse.

Women well over the age of 50 asking me if I’d like to ID them when I just IDed their young adult child. You’re putting me in an uncomfortable situation, ma’am. Videotaping me while we line dance and then posting on your Facebook and saying went to the Texas Roadhouse today, saw them doing the line dance, isn’t this cool? No, it’s not. This is weird behavior.”

Image credits: bryan… (not the actual photo)

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Image credits: flabigailfartin

“Asking me for straws when I clearly just set them down on the table in front of you”

“Asking me for my cell phone number and/or Snapchat right before you’re about to tip me. You know who you are and I f**king hate you. Ordering a water and a coke. Extra points if I have to get you a couple refills on the coke but you never touch your water.

Ordering off the kids’ menu when you’re literally an adult and then asking me if you can get the complimentary free kids’ drink that comes with the kids meal. No. Are you under the age of 11? No. Asking me to ‘be cool, man’ when you don’t have an ID and you’re clearly underage and you want to drink a beer and I IDed you and you don’t have one. Shut up. I don’t want to get fired. Or fined.”

Image credits: Mike Mozart (not the actual photo)

Image credits: flabigailfartin

“Asking me if we have a senior citizens discount. No”

“Go to an Eton park where you belong. People who respond with a steak when I asked them what they want to order. Which f**king steak? Because if I get to pick, you’re gonna get the T bone the Porterhouse T bone. That’s like $35. Yeah.

Asking for peanuts. I will not explain, for I could continue this for the whole 10 minutes, but I won’t, because that would expose too much rage that I don’t need to expose because that would be unhealthy.”

Image credits: zenm (not the actual photo)

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The ex-server shared all of her complaints about customers’ behavior in her viral video

The woman worked as a server in one of the restaurants of the Texas Roadhouse chain, and recently quit. As you can see from the almost three-minute video on TikTok, the Original Poster (OP) has accumulated a lot of claims, justified and not so, about clients during work, and she decided to pour her heart out online.

Among the things that annoyed the OP during her work were some well-founded complaints, such as regular requests to serve something that is not on the menu, or adults’ attempts to take advantage of children’s discounts or children’s menus. On the other hand, the video may give a strong impression that the author is simply tired of work and overly annoying clients.

Perhaps we are just talking about some kind of emotional burnout – after all, restaurants have recently been strongly understaffed, so almost all employees are overworked. In one of our recent posts, we already addressed the topic of allegedly “no one wanting to work” in restaurants, so the question here is definitely not for employees who sometimes have to deal with hosting, bartending, food running and even dish-washing. It’s no wonder that servers don’t have the patience to endure overly picky customers after this. After the end of their working day, of course.

“The nature of restaurant work, however, led to overwork even in pre-pandemic times,” Mary King and Cassie Bottoff, Forbes contributors, write in their article on restaurant burnout. “Shifts are long and demanding. Work schedules are ever-shifting. Rushes can come out of nowhere. This heady brew of uncertainty and dramatic adrenaline spikes can easily lead to exhaustion.” If our assumption is correct, then the original poster did quite the right thing by leaving this job – and, of course, venting her emotions not directly at the customers at the table, but in a TikTok video.

On the other hand, many commenters have mixed feelings over this video. “Maybe your attitude is the reason you’re no longer employed there,” one of the folks in the comments is pretty ironic. Another commenter bluntly states that maybe working as a server isn’t for the Original Poster at all, since she’s annoyed by so many things. “You’re supposed to provide service,” this commenter writes. However, some people in the comments quite share the author’s indignation of entitled and weird customers. And which side are you inclined to, our dear readers?

Commenters, however, have mixed feelings over the video, while some even state that working as a server isn’t for the author at all

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