Exclusive: Cerco by Kutarq Studio for OTHR

Exclusive: Cerco by Kutarq Studio for OTHR

Introducing our latest OTHR exclusive preview: the animated Cerco espresso cup by returning designer Kutarq Studio, crafted in 3D printed porcelain.

Cerco is a playful espresso cup that, with a discerning and minimalist eye, pays homage to traditional jewelry and decorum. Its porcelain handle hugs the cup like a piercing; a nod to the culture of adornment and body art.

The 3D printing process shifts the porcelain piercing from a temporary embellishment to a permanent feature of the cup.

Cerco was created by Kutarq Studio, a Valencia-based designer whose premiere design for OTHR—the Carved Pill Bowl in 3D printed porcelain—launched last October. Founded by architect and designer Jordi López Aguiló in 2012, Kutarq Studio produces everything from furniture to lighting to interior design to architecture. Each project involves a methodical process that emphasizes both material and research. Jordi’s work has been exhibited internationally, including at Paris Design Week, Milan Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Get your early edition of Cerco in gloss white 3D printed porcelain here before it goes on sale to everyone else on Thursday.

OTHR is an on-demand 3D printed design brand producing objects by today’s most talented designers— and each week, we bring you exclusive, pre-launch access to their latest designs.

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