Exclusive: Dash Dot Desk Set by Quentin De Coster for OTHR

Exclusive: Dash Dot Desk Set by Quentin De Coster for OTHR

Introducing our latest OTHR exclusive preview: the classically handsome Dash Dot Desk Set by Belgium native Quentin de Coster, crafted in 3D printed bronze.

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This smart and sophisticated desk set can double as an elegant paperweight or a stash for supplies, depending on the user’s preference. Its shape is a subtle nod to the péniche boat, a design that originated from de Coster’s own home country. Just as its antecedent, which functioned to transport merchandise, Dash Dot was built to hold your precious items as you navigate the work day.

As elegant as it is utilitarian, the Dash Dot Desk Set can function as a tool or a standalone work of art.

An industrial designer at the crossroads of function and aesthetic, Quentin de Coster uses a unique design approach characterized by a continuous observation of people’s habits and rituals. Translated into projects that exceed mere functionality, he aims to add meaningful detail into people’s lives, taking advantage of the innate physical and tactile qualities of each material.

Get your early edition of the Dash Dot Desk Set in 3D Printed Bronze here before it goes on sale to everyone else on Thursday.

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