Exclusive In-Person Member Screening—The Boy and the Heron and Post-Screening Conversation

Exclusive In-Person Member Screening—The Boy and the Heron and Post-Screening Conversation


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Tue, 02/13/2024 – 17:29

LACMA members are invited to join FILM at LACMA for a special in-person screening of The Boy and the Heron.

The Boy and the Heron is the newest critically acclaimed, Golden Globe®-winning, and Academy Award®-nominated fantasy adventure from the legendary Studio Ghibli, creators of Spirited AwayHowl’s Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro. Hayao Miyazaki’s first feature film in 10 years is a hand-drawn original story written and directed by the Academy Award-winning director. Produced by Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki, the film features a musical score from Miyazaki’s longtime collaborator Joe Hisaishi. The theme song for the film, “Spinning Globe,” was written and performed by global J-pop superstar Kenshi Yonezu.

After losing his mother during the war, young Mahito moves to his family’s estate in the countryside. There, a series of mysterious events lead him to a secluded and ancient tower, home to a mischievous gray heron. When Mahito’s new stepmother disappears, he follows the gray heron into the tower and enters a fantastic world shared by the living and the dead. As he embarks on an epic journey with the heron as his guide, Mahito must uncover the secrets of this world, and the truth about himself. 

The Boy and the Heron is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Watch the official trailer.

This in-person screening will take place at an off-site theater. Location details will be shared in the email invitation. Capacity is limited and reservations are required.

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Exclusive Member Screening—The Boy and the Heron
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LACMA members only; invitations will be sent via e-mail.

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Exclusive Member Screening—The Boy and the Heron
Tue, 02/20/2024 – 19:00
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Fri, 12/16/2022 – 10:07
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