Executed inmates’ final meals immortalized on dinner plates

The average person does not get to choose their last meal, it just kind of happens. Death Row inmates, however, have a LONG time to think about what to request for their last supper. Julie Green has taken this unique tradition and immortalized executed inmate’s last meals by painting them onto second-hand ceramic plates.

Green explains the project: “In states with options, most selections are modest. This is not surprising, as many are limited to what is in the prison kitchen. Others provide meals from local venues. California allows restaurant take-out, up to fifty-dollars. Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, and Long John Silver’s are frequently selected in Oklahoma, where their fifteen-dollar allowance is down from twenty in the late 1990’s. Requests provide clues on region, race, and economic background. A family history becomes apparent when Indiana Department of Corrections adds “he told us he never had a birthday cake so we ordered a birthday cake for him.”

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Green has been painting plates since 2000 and has completed 50 per year, that is 600+ plates! She plans to continue the project until the Death Penalty is abolished.


New Mexico 06 November 2001: Shrimp and ice cream.


Missouri 30 August 2000:
12 ounce T-bone steak (medium rare), Caesar salad, double order onion rings, 20 ounces of Diet Coke.


Indiana 05 May 2007: Pizza and birthday cake shared with 15 family and friends. A prison official said “He told us he never had a birthday cake so we ordered a birthday cake for him.”california

California 17 January 2006: Had a last meal of buffalo steak, a bucket of KFC white-meat-only chicken, sugar-free pecan pie, sugar-free black walnut ice cream, Indian pan-fried bread and whole milk (ice cream was left out one hour to thaw, and turned into a milkshake by hand).maryland

Maryland 17 July 2004: Had the regular prison fare of a chicken patty , potatoes and gravy, green beans, marble cake, milk and fruit punch.


Oklahoma 23 January 2001: 2 orders onion rings, 1 cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, 1 grilled chicken sandwich, and 1 medium cherry limeade.washington

Washington 27 May 1994: Salmon, scalloped potatoes, peas, tossed salad, cake.OK

Oklahoma 22 January 2009: Barbecue ribs, chopped beef, hot links, baked beans, plain potato chips, coconut doughnuts and chocolate milk.

Source: designfaves.com

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