Exquisite centerpieces designed by Gramática Arquitectónica

Spanish design studio Gramática Arquitectónica created a series of exquisite centerpieces with white marble and oak wood. These pieces are made exclusively for Michelin-star chef Pepe Solla’s restaurant in Galicia, Spain.

The set is named ‘Keep on Rocking’, composed with decorative objects that can transform into unusual serving dishes, such as moving architectural structures – to the surprise of diners.

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Gramática Arquitectónica was mostly inspired by the style of works by mexican sculptor Mathias Goeritz.His most famous work is the set of towers called Torres de Satélite, at the north of Mexico City. This was one of the country’s first urban sculptures of great dimensions, and had its planning started in 1957. Soon the towers became a beloved symbol for this area.The fine tablewear present a very clean and geometrical shape that resemble the artist’s large-scale sculptural towers and buildings.

When pulled apart, this object creates two playful staircases, one in marble and one in oak wood, with small holes and perforations throughout. Inside it we will find the culinary creations of the spanish Michelin-star chef, like a precious casket that hides secrets.The design invention makes a statement at Solla’s fine Galician cooking restaurant Casa Solla in Poio, Spain.

The precious striking centerpiece is not only a strange decor object. During dinner, the blocks can be transformed into plates to present and serve small culinary creations, surprising all guests and adding a distinct touch to the overall dining experience.

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