Extension Cords With One-Piece Molded Body/Cord Win Design Award

Located in Higashiosaka (East Osaka City), the Ohara Electric Wire Co. is a small family-run operation that manufactures heavy duty, high quality, high-voltage extension cords for manufacturing environments. Mostly located behind gigantic humming machines, Ohara’s products are the type of thing most factory workers wouldn’t even see, let alone consumers. But their latest line of extension cords have won a Good Design Award in the Best 100 category.

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Gen Suzuki, an RCA-educated product designer who worked for IDEO prior to setting up his own firm, designed the extension cords after visiting the Ohara’s facility and getting to know the family. Suzuki realized that “Electric wires are an important infrastructure that supports society, but they are extremely anonymous;” impressed with the Oharas’ commitment to craftsmanship, Suzuki felt he could let their spirit provide “an aura to anonymous mass-produced products.”

The Oharas

Gen Suzuki

“The three types of extension cords, cross type, straight type, and rainproof type, are all straight to the function and have no unnecessary details.

“The diameter of a high-quality VCT cable that can handle high voltages is large, but it is moist and soft, so it is easy to handle.

“The electrodes and body are integrally molded so that they can withstand use at home, stores, construction sites, and outdoors, so they are durable.

“The design, which is made of a single material from the main body to the cord, is straightforward, quiet, and somehow adorable.”

Source: core77

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