Extreme Mountain Biking Near Inverness

Trials cyclist Danny MacAskill (previously at Neatorama) has given us thrills for years with his bike antics. In this video, he reveals how he got so good at what he does by going out on a ride with his crazy friends in Scotland as they take on the Mast near Inverness. They aren’t just following the death-defying trails; they also set up their own challenges along the way. The outing is funny, thrilling, ridiculous, and vertigo-inducing in places. In other words, you’ll enjoy watching it and will be thankful it isn’t you  negotiating those challenges. These guys can admit being scared of a particular stunt, but then they go ahead and do it anyway. Adrenaline is addictive, after all. Bonus: no one had to be carried out and and sent to a hospital. Despite the American custom of adding captions to the dialogue, their Scottish-accented English is quite understandable. -via Kottke

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Source: neatorama

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