Extreme Summer Heatwave Temperatures Summed Up In 110 New Pics

Do you shift from one side to another in the middle of the night, unable to sleep because of the summer heat? Well, let’s just say you’re not the only one having trouble getting a full night’s rest, as the temperatures this season have been scorching hot in many parts of the world. Record-breaking heatwaves and vicious wildfires have swept throughout the northern hemisphere, particularly Western Europe, the UK, China, and parts of the US. And they bring dire consequences.

The searing heat has damaged roads, melted cars and traffic lights, and led to significant impacts we can’t ignore. As we’ve all been feeling (and excessively sweating!) it lately, people took to the internet to share their experiences, one picture at a time.

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Our team at Bored Panda has scoured the web and compiled a collection of vivid pictures that sum up how the summer of 2022 shaped up to be a scorcher. So grab a cold drink, blast that fan, and continue scrolling. Be sure to upvote as you go, and let us know how the high temperatures have affected you and your surroundings these past few months in the comments.

Psst! After you’re done with this list, more heatwave madness can be found in Part 1 of this feature right here.

#1 Human Lets Stray Dogs Sleep In His Store So They Can Cool Down In Hot Weather

Image credits: sinnersanctum

#2 Had To Bring My Birds Inside Today Due To The Extreme Heat Outside

They are NOT house ducks, and they’re watching the washing machine—My dad walked past them sniggering, pointed to the washing machine and said “Petflix”.

Image credits: Depressed-NotEmo

#3 I Gave This Pregnant Cat An Ice-Cold Bottle Of Gatorade To Hold On To During A Peruvian Heatwave

Image credits: WhatsThisPlant

#4 Hedgehog Came Out To Us. Due To The Very Hot Weather In Belgium We Thought It Was Thirsty And It Was. Cat Approves

Image credits: Mediocre_Martin

#5 My Local Library Being A Bro During A Heat Wave

Image credits: PatentGeek

#6 Wonderful

Image credits: tws_pk2

#7 It’s Literally Insane To Have Them Wear That Outfit In This Heat

Image credits: nytimes

#8 Hot Enough For You? Hotter Than It Used To Be, And Getting Hotter Every Year. This, From Kuwait

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Image credits: Mohayat

#9 Another Casualty Of The Heatwave, Found This Dehydrated Pipistrelle Bat In The Garden Just After Dark Last Night

Managed to get it to drink some glucose solution and an hour later it was flying around the street lamp catching insects.

Image credits: gloworm62

#10 Wild

Image credits: stubutchart

#11 Measured The Road Temperature Outside My House – Don’t Walk Dogs In This Heat

Image credits: LittleEngland

#12 You Know It’s Hot When The Plastic Slides Are Melting

Image credits: worldofjessicac

#13 If You Have A Garden, Try To Leave A Bowl Of Water Out. Wildlife Suffers From This Heat As Much As We Do

Image credits: emehen

#14 This Church Always Has Great Signs, But I Guess This Heatwave Is Getting To Them

Image credits: redrumpanda

#15 Our Cat Confirming The Heat Wave In India

Image credits: Tech-Sapien18

#16 “How Hot Is It Today, Hun? Hot Enough To Shatter Our Outdoor Table”

Image credits: custardy_cream

#17 Delicious

Image credits: jewlieee_l

#18 Patch Of Grass That Was Saved By The Trampoline During The UK Heatwave In July

Image credits: Sweet-liqourice

#19 A Neighbor Put Out A Doggy Station With Treats And Water. To Help Dogs Cool Down During The Heat Wave We Are Having

Image credits: Embarrassed-Mouse-49

#20 My Thermometer Has Reached Its Limit In The French Heatwave

Image credits: Archaicarc

#21 The Heat Wave In Louisiana Severely Melted This Port-O-Potty

Image credits: Cg407

#22 Spotted Today. Mancunians Are The Best

Image credits: Proper Manchester

#23 Can I Cool My Cat With Wet Towels On Very Hot Days?

Image credits: Polaster64

#24 It Is So Hot In Italy That Thermometer Sensors Stop Working Correctly

Image credits: DottorMaelstrom

#25 My Blinds Melted In The Sun Today

Image credits: walterwhiteknight

#26 Very Overwhelming Flying Back Into England, This Is The Effects Of The Heatwave. England Has Turned Brown

Image credits: deanjcox

#27 This Candle That Melted With The Heat Of The Summer

Image credits: jorgeuhs

#28 More That 59°C Was Measured On The Soil Surface In Spain And 48°C In The South On France

Image credits: Copernicus

#29 Hot Days Even For Ice Cream

Image credits: jlbowling

#30 When It’s Too Hot Outside And It’s Too Hot Inside So You Kinda Hang In Between. I Know The Weather Is Awful For Us Humans But Please Take Care Of Your Pets Too

Image credits: BatmansLongjohns

#31 You Cannot Make This Up

Image credits: angelboomin

#32 How My CD Cover Got Deformed In The Sun With The Heat Wave

Image credits: LzTz

#33 Brown Beetle Infestation In Argentina Due To Intense Heat Wave

Image credits: cindymfernandez

#34 People Play A Sunday League Amateur Football Match On A Parched Grass Pitch During A Heatwave, At Hackney Marshes, In London, Britain, August 14, 2022

Image credits: tobymelville

#35 Cars And Traffic Lights Are Melting

Image credits: ayeellejay

#36 Luton Airport’s Runway Has Melted Due To The Intense Heat

Image credits: e_lumumba

#37 What’s The Point In Buying The Ramen Cooker? Just Use The Bowl

Image credits: thejoebrown

#38 Let’s Hope The Impending Showers Can Penetrate This Dry Ground

Image credits: fatrat

#39 Europe’s Hottest Week

Image credits: StefSimanowitz

#40 Had A Blanket Cover My Window During The Summer Months In Phoenix. Removed The Blanket Today To Discover My Blinds Had Melted

Image credits: acvalenz

#41 It’s So Hot In My Apartment Right Now, My Cesium Sample Melted – Europe/Germany

Image credits: TOOMtheRaccoon

#42 Many Schools Have Been Finding New Ways To Keep Their Children Cool During The Heatwave

Image credits: The Teacher Traveller

#43 Windows Doesn’t Even Feel Like Keeping Up With The Current Temperature

Image credits: DaGoobergoobs

#44 Here’s How Hot It Is In Portland Right Now. This Is My Neighbor’s House And The Vinyl Siding Is Blistering Off His House Under The Sun In The 108-Degree Heat

Image credits: thomas.robinson.735

#45 Apparently, It’s A Bad Idea To Leave Aerosols In Hot Vans. I Don’t Think They Will Be Happy When They Get Back

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 Left Some Shoes In The Car. The Tread Melted Off

Image credits: poopypause

#47 Cooling Down Station

Image credits: menzelxhiu

#48 9-Year-Old Tires + 90° Weather + Low Tire Pressure + Highway Driving = Big Summer Blowout

Image credits: Aervosa

#49 40°C Heat? That’s Why Pigeons Go To Iceland

Image credits: bolch

#50 “It Is So Hot In NYC Right Now That When I Was Waiting For The Subway Today, The Tracks Literally Caught On Fire”

Image credits: ileana.justine

#51 Early Autumn

Image credits: JackieGMs66

#52 In Central Italy We Are Facing One Of The Worse Heatwaves Ever. Temperatures Are Already At 104°F (40°C) At 10 Am. This Is My Geranium That I Watered Yesterday Morning

Our cities are gonna cut water several hours everyday because we’re also experiencing the worse drought in 70 years.

Image credits: thoxo

#53 Sith-Fil-A Here In The Texas Heat

Image credits: Codyayo

#54 Pro Tip

Image credits: weatherwkelly

#55 Mailman Taking The Bus

Image credits: terruntz

#56 It Was So Hot Today That The Fresh Bird Poo On My Windscreen Cooked And Then Burnt Itself Onto The Glass. Lovely

Image credits: judomadonna

#57 Huge Fire Rages At The Side Of A2 At Dartford, UK During A Record-Breaking Heatwave

Image credits: Emily French

#58 The Roads In My State Are Literally Melting. It Just Hit 49.9°C (122°F). Stay Safe South Aussies

Image credits: Port Augusta City Council

#59 My Gummy Vitamins Melted Into A Giant Super Vitamin During Shipping

Image credits: georgex2003

#60 These Trees Have Bags Of Water Attached To Them Because Of The Heatwave

Image credits: Zurairofl

#61 Be Careful Of What You Have On Your Tarmac Driveway In These Hot Times

Image credits: EdwouldZilla

#62 Recent Heatwaves Did So Much Damage To London Parks & Gardens

No more usual lush greenery. Ham lands smell of hey, it was a gorgeous smell of the countryside, but couldn’t stop thinking I miss the sight of green grass by now few drops of rain we had recently would hardly make any difference.

Image credits: londonpetersburg

#63 My Gummy Bears Melted In My Car

Image credits: Jbad90

#64 A License Plate Frame That Melted From The Heat (Las Vegas, NV)

Image credits: Lost_in_Nebraska402

#65 It’s So Hot In Southeast Wisconsin That The Road Is Splitting

Image credits: magictuber

#66 I Decided To Wash My Car In The Middle Of A Brutal Heatwave In NYC. My Windshield Was So Hot That The Cold Water Cracked It

Image credits: sam_neil

#67 All The Cold Produce Is Gone From A Shop In London, England Amid The Heatwave

Image credits: enemyn1

#68 Keep Cool And Carry On

Image credits: Schafernaker

#69 Forgot I Had 2 Cases Of Diet Pepsi In The Car

Image credits: plethora_of_monkeys

#70 AC Went Out Yesterday, Haven’t Stopped Sweating In 24 Hours And My Cats Are Having Heat Strokes

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 It’s So Hot In Milan, That My Coffee Machine Is At 40°C Even If It’s “Powered Off”

Image credits: pilotstella

#72 Heatwave Car Cookies

Image credits: justinboldaji

#73 This Silicone Non-Slip Mat Melted In My Car During The Heatwave

Image credits: moosesquirrelimpala

#74 It Got So Hot In My Grandma’s House That The Candles Melted

Image credits: mrclover60869

#75 The Badges On My 22-Year-Old Truck Are Melting In The Texas Sun

Image credits: N0vemberJul1et

#76 So, I Think My Bin Melted

Image credits: RegimeChangeUS

#77 Fires That Have Broken Out As Temperatures Across The UK Exceed 40°C For The First Time

Image credits: efendaTv

#78 Road Signs Have Started Melting

Image credits: MariamKSHakim

#79 Glass Decided To Take Itself Out

Image credits: Chris_Perry_61

#80 Of Course, It Is Just Summer

Image credits: TeganTallullah

#81 As The Temps Routinely Pass 100 Outside, In Some Texas Prisons It’s So Hot That Prisoners Are Using Brooms And Thrown Objects To Break Out The Windows For “Cooler” Air

Even though that means their cells now flood when it rains.

Image credits: keribla

#82 My Coconut Oil Melted During The Heat Wave, And Then Reconstituted Into These Spheres

Image credits: Michellehas2ls

#83 It’s Hard To Get The Things You Need During The Heatwave

Image credits: amylouisethelwall10

#84 Sweltering Heat In UK Melts Traffic Lights

Image credits: uzzi0011

#85 It’s Been So Bloody Hot It Melted The Bin At The Bus Stop

Image credits: willcarroll99

#86 Australian Summer Starts Today: My 2-Day-Old Air Freshener Got The Memo

Image credits: scusername

#87 The Heat Caused Waves On The Asphalt Sidewalk

Image credits: Catroinerz

#88 It’s So Hot My Phone Holder Suction Cup Melted

Image credits: kwill16

#89 Children Are Putting Their Feet In Water Buckets To Stay Cool

Image credits: sarahhopkins522

#90 Candles Have Totally Given Up

Image credits: Cath_Arlidge

#91 90 Degrees And 90% Humidity In A Town In Mexico We Are Visiting. And The Vacation Rental Has No AC. Crayons Melted In The Shade

Image credits: Shaneblaster

#92 My Squishies Melted On My Dash

Image credits: BinkyBarnes42069

#93 It Was Hot Enough This Summer In Phoenix To Melt The Blinds On My Bedroom Window

Image credits: BenYolo

#94 Got To Take Advantage Of The Heat. Should Hopefully Have Some Fresh Hot Cookies After Work Today

Image credits: ThroneTrader

#95 The Extreme Heat In Portland Has Melted Power Cables In The Streetcar System, Which Caused The Agency To Cancel Streetcar Service

Image credits: PDXStreetcar

#96 The Heat Here In Texas Melted The Model Label On My Coworker’s Truck

Image credits: fanzel71

#97 It’s So Hot In Texas

Image credits: themonkeyabides

#98 Went Kayaking In 100-Degree Heat. Put My Sandals Back On At The Beach To Find They Shrunk

Image credits: utopias0703

#99 Anyone Else Sleeping In Your Garden During The Heatwave? What’s Your Setup?

Image credits: Altruistic_Garage_52

#100 I Went To A Graduation Party One Day And It Got So Hot That It Melted Some Vinyl Records And Made For An Accidental Great Decoration

So recently there was a major heatwave that impacted much of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. It was 110°F where I was.

Image credits: Iapoties

#101 Due To The Heatwave In The Pacific Northwest, Our Mirror’s Frame Melted (Left In A Car Under A Towel)

Image credits: 4patchquilt

#102 This Patch Of Healthy Grass Surrounding A Water Tap During The UK’s Heatwave

Image credits: Theoutlawlion

#103 Somebody Put A Tortilla On My Hood. It Baked On There Due To High Heat Yesterday. Now I Have To Clean It Off When I Get Off Work

Image credits: LETSG0AVS

#104 Heatwave, Los Angeles

Image credits: raoulmduke

#105 Genius

Image credits: FreudianScrapbo

#106 It’s Been So Hot Today (UK) That I Managed To Cook Vegetarian Sausages In My Car. It Took 6 Hours

Image credits: WalrusSquare247

#107 Trail Mix Melted In The Hot Car So Now I Have To Eat It As One Big Piece

Image credits: chi-bacon-bits

#108 The European Heatwave Bending These Candles

Image credits: aabou75

#109 That’s Insane

Image credits: WhiteCrossVets

#110 It’s Called Summer, Apparently

Image credits: BlessedBobby_

Source: boredpanda.com

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