F5: Eli Peer Defines Modern Luxury Through Cannabis

F5: Eli Peer Defines Modern Luxury Through Cannabis

Eli Peer’s story began in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he grew up and nurtured his creativity through work with motorcycle fabrication, theatrical nightlife, and television. The son of a self-studied mechanical engineer and senior army officer, he learned the importance of physics, materials, precise planning, craftsmanship, story-telling, and determination from an early age. Eli’s journey eventually brought him to the hustle and bustle of New York City, where he used his skills to co-found content and production house, Allenby Concept House. There he worked with brands such as SodaStream, Caesarstone, Louis Poulsen, Humanscale, Yves Behar, Tom Dixon, Jaime Hayon, Snarkitecture, LAYER, David Rockwell, WallPaper*, Surface, Audi, and Puma.

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Eli’s passion for design and brand storytelling, along with a desire to disrupt the design industry and fast fashion’s wasteful practices, led to the creation of high-end cannabis brand Flora Nero. The brand is working to define modern luxury through the indulgence of cannabis, with partners who create exquisite collections and maintain a dedication to sustainability. Each product is a showpiece, crafted to provide an exceptional experience, and to be displayed when not in use.

In his spare time, Eli enjoys riding and building motorcycles, fashion, and supporting animal rights. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and business partner, Anna Peer, in a 1927 Moroccan-inspired home in the Silver Lake neighborhood with their two children and family dog.

light-skinned man with dark mustache wearing and orange and white collared button-up shirt and leaning against a white wall

Eli Peer

silver and black custom motorcycle

Photo of The VELOCETTE courtesy Hazan Motorworks

1. The Art of Motorcycles

My first apprentice work at the age of 14 was learning how to work on old British Motorcycles in a small shop in Jaffa, Israel. My first love was not the class queen, but an old Italian 50cc Baneli Enduro motorcycle that I fixed up myself, and from that day on the love story has continued. The art of custom motorcycles never ceases to impress me and teach me that with imagination, talent, and hard work on sleepless, cold nights, master builders are pushing the envelope of what is possible. With much respect, it is my honor to learn and follow the work of Max Hazan who, from his shop in Downtown Los Angeles, creates magical two-wheeled works of art.

book cover with a person smashing a TV with a coquet mallet and the words PUNK, POST PUNK, NEW WAVE

Photo: Michael Grecco

2. Music

I have so many memories from the 80’s underground New Wave and Punk clubs of Tel Aviv. Music was an escape from reality, broadening my cultural understanding for trends, fashion, video, and just plain coolness. I find myself frequently mesmerized by vintage Punk and New Wave photos from my early teens. Most of them were actually shot by my good friend, Michael Grecco, the photographer, director, and author of the book, PUNK, POST PUNK, NEW WAVE.

person wearing a white turtleneck and a stack of black hats

Photo: Ilariusss

3. Hats

I love hats. I love their elegance, the touch of chicness they add, and how the size of the brim, or the angle at which you tip the hat, can change your entire attitude for the day. My wife, Anna, and I were fortunate to have decorated ourselves on our wedding day with the charming creations of one of Italy’s best milliners, Ilariusss. My vast collection of hats has lived on a Hat Wall in previous homes, and now has its own shelving system that is somehow never quite big enough.

three brown hats sitting on a patio outdoors

Photo: MycoWorks and Nick Fouquat Hats

4. Veganism

As a species that shares the planet with others, we must evolve. We need to cherish all creatures and stop the madness of over-consumption and the “me” movement. The future of our planet is in our daily choices. Following brands and creators embracing steps towards veganism with alternative materials, or eliminating fur, teaches us all that there are other ways to indulge in beauty, fashion, and style while being sustainable and cruelty-free. A fantastic example of this is the collaboration between designer Nick Fouquet and MycoWorks, which is a brand new technology utilizing mushrooms as a leather alternative. Nick’s aesthetic is always Americana cool, and showcasing this groundbreaking new material is a perfect example that sustainability does not have to sacrifice style or quality.

light-skinned man wearing glasses, a black shirt with a green cannabis leaf, and plain pants, holding out a pipe

Photo: Frenchy Cannoli

5. Cannabis + Traditional Aged Hashish

The art of Hashish making always fascinated me. From the Charas of India to the dry sift of Lebanon, this art form which is over 4,000 years old is still practiced by modern masters, such as Frenchy Cannoli (who unfortunately recently passed away). That deep dive into understanding the traditional techniques, and the modern research into the effects that the terroir of the plant, the aging process, and storage temperature have on the final product. Much like fine wines and Cognacs, we are just now learning how different drying and aging processes have a drastic effect on the Cannaboids, Terpenes, aroma, and physical effects. As is true in all art forms, there are no shortcuts. The knowledge comes only from taking the time to learn from the history while implementing modern techniques and research.


Work by Eli Peer + Flora Nero:

glass and gold colored smoking pipe

The Globe

oval gold colored rolling tray

Rolling Tray

decorated copper ritual pipe

Ritual Pipe

round copper colored ash tray

Ash Tray

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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