F5: Per Brickstad Shares the Meal He Could Eat for the Rest of His Life + More

F5: Per Brickstad Shares the Meal He Could Eat for the Rest of His Life + More

It all started with a blog post on 11/11/11, containing the first version of the Transparent Speaker. Back then, founder, creative director, and chief designer at TransparentPer Brickstad – was running a design studio with three friends. They often posted design concepts on their blog to challenge the industry in various ways. This time though, it went viral – and people all over the world contacted them, begging them to make this unique speaker a reality.

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After a successful Kickstarter, Per and his studiomate Martin ran it as a side venture while also running the studio. While their hearts were in the project, as consultants they never had the opportunity to take full ownership of running the development. Per realized that to make real change happen they needed to do it themselves. And in 2017, they started Transparent as a full-time audio brand.

Maison & Objet 2019 was their first real trade show, and also the first time Per and company had the chance to present their brand and sound in a proper environment. He pinpoints the positive reception Transparent received in Paris as what started the momentum that’s carried the brand to this day.

Prior to Transparent, Per was co-founder and industrial designer at PEOPLE PEOPLE, and from 2007 to 2010 he was a senior industrial designer at Nokia in Finland.

Today, Per Brickstad is joining us for Friday Five!

light-skinned man wearing glasses and black clothing sitting in an armchair

artwork that includes interior space full of sand

Photo: Be Svendsen

1. The Song Hidâ by Be Svendsen

I listen to music almost like I breathe air, but some music strikes a deep chord in me and takes me on a journey. This genius sampled real camels and Bedouins in the Sahara to make this song.

restaurant table full of food

Photo: Maria Brickstad

2. Fermentata Cacio e Pepe at Café Nizza in Stockholm

I always look for amazing food experiences, but if I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life this would be it. It’s sourdough pasta!

table with laptop, open notebook, and speaker

Photo: Per Brickstad

3. Ideas

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh idea! I am fortunate enough to work with extremely talented people in my team at Transparent. There are so many problems in the world, and together we are trying our best to solve some of them.

body of water and forest

Photo: Per Brickstad

4. Trees

I live close to the forest and the sea outside of Stockholm. Every day I look at the pine trees outside our windows and feel… something deep. Those guys live on a different timeline, and it’s kind of inspiring compared to us humans and our stressful lives.

child standing with back to camera looking out over wide expanse of nature

Photo: Per Brickstad

5. My Family

My wife and two boys age 1 and 5. So much love!

Work by Per Brickstad + Transparent:

light/speaker combination on sand

Transparent Light Speaker

hand holding light/speaker combination

Transparent Light Speaker

Source: design-milk

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