F5: Pernille Lind Talks About a Local Museum, Sculptural Jewelry + More

F5: Pernille Lind Talks About a Local Museum, Sculptural Jewelry + More

In only a few short years, Danish-Thai designer Pernille Lind has established a unique presence within London’s design scene. It was 2018 when she began Pernille Lind Studio, diving into the world of products to create a range of solid wood furniture, marble, and brass furnishings, as well as Greek marble tiles inspired by the Art Deco architecture of Chicago and a period townhouse in Copenhagen. Lind’s offerings share her devotion to honoring high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship for a truly authentic aesthetic.

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The studio boasts a broad spectrum portfolio of works that includes both residential and commercial properties. Lind has come a long way since her days of studying interior design at the University of the Arts London and completing her MA in Spatial Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen.

“When I was a kid, and we would visit or stay in Bangkok (my mum is Thai), I would be so impressed with the grand foyers and lobbies of the city’s hotels,” Lind reminisces. “I remember the Mandarin Oriental by the river would have these expansive seafood buffet dinners, where the chefs would all stand whilst the city lights reflected in the river as the backdrop. Walking through the hotel’s enormous and imposing spaces at the age of 8, with the feature chandeliers, high ceilings, sculptural furniture, and artworks, made a lasting impression,” she continues. “When I turned to study design, this came from the desire to create spaces that would allow guests to experience something out of the ordinary.”

A woman sits at a table with her head resting on one hand, surrounded by papers, a notebook, a glass of water, and a decorative box. She is looking at the camera and smiling.

Pernille Lind

Today, Pernille Lind Studio works on a range of projects from rejuvenating historical buildings to crafting interiors for luxury developments and commercial establishments across the world. Lind’s creative vision draws inspiration from Scandinavian design and Asian decorative and material influences. And she credits an upbringing filled with global exploration, paired with a family appreciative of fine craftsmanship, for instilling within her the values needed to communicate with a diverse range of clients.

Lind’s creative juices began flowing at age 10 when she began making clothing. Throughout her teens, she worked at the local fashion store selling some of Denmark’s most design-forward brands. Upon turning 17, Lind’s boss suggested she try with a few of her original pieces, which marked the first time she considered designing for others. Soon, she was thinking of the needs and wants of buyers while making sure the designs not only looked great but catered to several sizes. With the experience came the understanding that being creative could become a career.

Now, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Lind and her team look for original details first and foremost, always crediting context as the basis in their own design. Her eye for detail and passion for thoughtful enhancement allow Lind to guide her team through the design process, including interior architecture, bespoke joinery, sourcing furnishings, and final styling. The studio’s designs give character to spaces that are as captivating as they are functional, every one a showcase of blended styles and eras emphasized by warm materials and rich fabric palettes.

This week, Pernille Lind joins us for Friday Five!

A woman in a skirt stands in a gallery, looking up at a large winged statue on a pedestal. Other sculptures are also displayed around the room.

Rudolph Tegner Museum \ Photo: Richy Almond

1. Rudolph Tegner Museum, Gilleleje, Denmark

This place is near my Danish summer house, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2023 that I finally got to visit! The museum houses a magnificent collection of Rudolph Tegner’s work, densely packed into only a few rooms. The architecture of the building is incredible and it’s accompanied by a Statue Park, where works are dotted around the rolling heather hills with a sea view in the distance.

Abstract painting with geometric and organic shapes in earthy tones against a dark background. Shapes include cones, ovals, and lines, creating a dynamic and layered composition.

Photo: Courtesy of Hermentaire

2. Artwork by Damien de Medeiros, aka Hermentaire

For our interior projects I often help our clients source and find artwork. Recently, I have bought and commissioned artist Damien de Medeiros, aka Hermentaire, for two of our projects, and I’m so excited to see his pieces in the completed spaces soon! I’ve been particularly drawn to his ‘Meanwhile in the Cosmos’ piece and the collection he calls ‘Djambo,’ both are so unique and characterful.

A gold ring featuring a unique spiral design with smooth curves and textured patterns against a plain background.

Photo: Courtesy of Griegst.

3. Danish Fine Jewelry Brand Griegst

I’m quite obsessed by their sculptural pieces and have been admiring their collection of rings for a while.

Several glasses of pink cocktails with ice and ginger slices are placed on colorful coasters atop a light pink surface.

Photo: Courtesy of Hacha Dalston

4. Hacha Dalston

One of my favorite cocktails is a margarita. For my 40th birthday, my partner took me to this award-winning bar close to where we live, and I had their Mirror Margarita. It’s now made any other margarita pale in comparison, which, in my opinion, is the best margarita you can find in London. Theirs is voted 7th Best Cocktail in the World by TimeOut Global, and Winner of Cocktail of the Year 2020 at CLASS Bar Awards.

A modern armchair featuring a unique wooden frame with curving, looped design and a cushioned seat upholstered in light tan leather.

Photo: Courtesy of Bonacina

5. Bamboo + Rattan Furniture

On my list to purchase one day is the 1965 Eva chair by Giovanni Travasa, made by Bonacina.


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Work by Pernille Lind:

Bathroom with a sloped ceiling, featuring a white sink with brass fixtures, a small round mirror, a woven basket, and a window with a bamboo shade. A towel hangs on a wall-mounted rack.

DM Beach House, Copenhagen \ The team chose a calm, muted color palette to complement the surrounding landscape. The natural, weathered tones found outside formed the inspiration for the warm and cosy interiors, with carefully selected vintage lighting and locally produced joinery.

A living room with a curved beige sofa, fireplace, coffee table, modern decor, and a floor lamp. An adjoining room features wooden seating and various decor items.

Long Residence

A modern dining room with a long dark table, black chairs, light hardwood floor, large plant, minimalist decor, and a contemporary light fixture. French doors open to another room in the background.

Long Residence

A cozy living room features a striped sofa, two chairs, a glass coffee table, a rug, and a bookshelf. Large window with curtains and light fixture overhead. Plants add a touch of greenery.

SV Residence \ Reflects a blend of English country charm and colonial details, weaving modern bohemian luxury into the traditional architecture.

Source: design-milk

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