F5: Thorsten Albertz Shares His Daily Snack, Fave Podcast, Dream Car + More

F5: Thorsten Albertz Shares His Daily Snack, Fave Podcast, Dream Car + More

“I studied mostly in Berlin – a very “left” city, especially amongst students. At the time, I thought of myself as a future art historian and planned to go into academia after university,” said Thorsten Albertz, partner at albertz benda gallery in New York and Los Angeles. “Artists, curators, and gallerists were often invited to speak to our class about their lives and careers, and none of their talking points resonated less with me than the gallerists.”

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“On one occasion, the idealistic 20-something in me became riled up and filled with the need to argue. “Art is not for sale,” I exclaimed, “Art can’t be commercialized!” During a mixer after the lecture, the guest speaker had the audacity to approach me, ask me about my opinions, and finish the conversation by flipping over his business card while telling me ‘… if you ever need a job, call me,’” he quipped. “Fast forward a few months, I needed just that: a job. I was desperate and ready to do anything, so I entered the commercial gallery world with nothing but reservations. Quickly, I figured out that I had a knack for speaking with artists. I spoke their language, figured out what was important to them, and thus slowly came to the conclusion that every idealist gets to at some point: business is not the enemy of creation, it’s the facilitator.”

portrait of light-skinned man with short hair wearing a button-down black shirt

Thorsten Albertz

Thorsten began his career at Arndt & Partner in Berlin, launching the gallery’s Zurich and New York locations. In early 2008, he became Senior Director for Korean-owned Arario Gallery. Two years after that, Thorsten left the commercial art world to take on the position of Director of Cultural Programs for the Goethe Institute Japan in Tokyo. During his tenure, he developed multiple shows with distinguished museums and curators throughout the country. Returning to New York in 2012, Thorsten joined Friedman Benda as a Director. In fall 2015, he founded albertz benda with Swiss-born dealer Marc Benda, and in 2021 they expanded the gallery to a second location in West Hollywood.

When not busy working, Thorsten can be found at the gym or daydreaming about his most prized possession. “A black leather teddy bear sofa by the Campana Brothers. I have never sat on it, and it has been in storage for years, but I think about it often. I decorate my future fantasy loft around it all the time.”

Today, Thorsten Benda joins us for Friday Five!

screen shot of a podcast screen reading SERIAL KILLERs PICU Killer

1. Podcasts

I’m a podcast fanatic! Especially anything and everything that involves serial killers. My friends worry about me often because listening to gruesome retellings of murders and crimes relaxes me. This is especially when in combination with my next favorite thing to do – enjoying a day on a Hawaiian beach. It is the perfect alignment of relaxation and excitement when I need to let my mind wander away from my daily routines.

dark blue convertible sports car with a hilly landscape behind it

Photo courtesy Robb Report

2. Porsche 911 Carrera

Boys need toys… and I don’t have mine yet. I am dreaming of a Porsche 911 Carrera. Although I was born and raised in Germany, I don’t have much of a sense of patriotism. But when it comes to cars, I like them to be German. Of course, it sounds stereotypical, but stereotypes are stereotypes because there is truth to them. A 911 Carrera to me combines grace and glamour, strength and power, and mechanical complexity in sleek elegance.

3. Daily Pick-Me-Up Snack

My daily go-to ritual on the nutritional “pick-me up” front is my daily devouring of chocolate cookies in combination with a sugar-free Red Bull. It has to be the original small sized can and is limited to one per day – something I unfortunately can’t say about the chocolate chip cookie.

swimming pool and surrounding entertainment area at sunset

Photo courtesy Petit Armitage

4. Petite Ermitage

While I love to go out, I don’t like frequenting new places all the time. I need to feel at home wherever I go. After 15 years in NY, I relocated to Los Angeles around a year and a half ago, and sought to establish a home away from home. Fortunately, I discovered the club membership at Petite Ermitage in West Hollywood, which I’m delighted about. I believe that the people who frequent a club are what make it special, and this rings true at Petit Ermitage, where there is a perfect blend of down-to-earth individuals and fascinating Angelenos.

light-skinned man wearing short and a t-shirt posing atop a four wheeler

Photo: Thorsten Albertz

5. Dubai

Dubai excites me in every respect possible – from the architecture to endless entertainment opportunities to the blending of all cultures. It’s a true amalgamation of possibilities, cultures, and lifestyles. One might consider this another paradox, given Dubai’s totalitarian form of governing. I am sure those who know, understand.



Work from Thorsten Albertz:

gallery space with large format art on the walls and equally creative chairs

Art by Lanise Howard, Furniture by Estudio Campana, Ceramics by Ebitenyefa Baralaye \ Photo: Julian Calero

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two large paintings hang over a long, low credenza

Art by Famakan Magassa, Furniture by Estudio Campana \ Photo: Julian Calero

gallery space with large format art on the walls and abstract wood furniture

Art by Faye Toogood, Furniture by Christopher Le Brun \ Photo: Julian Calero

Source: design-milk

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