Facial Recognition Toilet Paper Dispenser

This is why we can’t have nice things. Locals have stealing toilet paper from the public bathrooms at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, causing the park to use over 30 rolls of toilet paper a day. A local news investigation caught nearby park residents visiting the public restroom multiple times a day to stuff their bags with as much free toilet paper as they can snatch.

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Tired of having to spend so much money on toilet paper, the local authorities decided to employ a high tech solution: they’ve installed facial recognition scanners to the toilet paper dispensers.

The Shanghaiist reports:

In order to get toilet paper, visitors must remove their glasses and hat, and have their faces scanned by a high definition camera. Afterward, they are issued a 60-cm [about 24 inch – ed] long piece of toilet paper by the wall-mounted machine … Authorities say that the system can remember faces, and that each individual will only be allocated paper once every nine minutes.

Source: neatorama

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