Fake Britain

If you’ve ever enjoyed fiction set in England, Scotland, or Wales, you can now look up the location on a map! Londonist has compiled settings from hundreds of books, TV shows, and movies to create Fake Britain. You’ll find places from Shakespearean plays and Thomas the Tank engine, by authors from Charles Dickens to JK Rowling.

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The vast majority of entries are well defined geographically. Some — such as Beanotown and Blackadder’s Dunny on the Wold — are a little more nebulous, but we’ve added them for fun. Hogwarts is an unmappable location (unless it’s a Marauder’s Map you’re looking at), but we’ve had a go anyway.

You can click and expand the map greatly here, and marvel at how many places you haven’t yet read about. Find out where these fictional places come from in the alphabetical index. The index will help you find your favorites, and maybe a suggestion for what to read next. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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