Fake Gift Boxes By Prank-O To Seriously Confuse Your Friends (6 New Pics)

Ready or not, the gift season’s kicking in. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, now’s a good time to start worrying about them. But presents aren’t the only thing you need to worry about: the presentation is as important as the present itself. Soon enough there’s going to be million of curses echoing all around the world as an innumerable amount of people will struggle boxing their presents. But for the fourth consecutive year, Prank-o’s here to make it easy for you. Who wouldn’t want a Donut Holster, or a Toilet Meadow? But don’t take their gifts at face value, for they’re only an amusing vessel for your real presents. Watch as your confused gift recipient tries to figure out if you’re being serious or not, only to be relieved to open the real present! Here’s this year’s set of fake gift boxes!

We’ve mentioned that it’s Prank-o’s fourth consecutive year here on Bored Panda. If you’d like to see the boxes of the previous years, you may find them herehere and here.

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“Carrying a bag of poop is embarrassing – especially when it’s not your own. Our Float-A-Poo prank gift box disguises your real gift for that pet lover on your list.”

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If you ever wondered how such strange businesses start, you’re in luck. One of the co-founders, Arik Nordby, told the story in one of the previous interviews.

“Several years ago I watched my 8-year-old nephew unwrap what appeared to be a toaster oven (his parents had actually packed a video game console inside.) While he was dejected, he handled it politely while the adults played along with the joke by saying ‘Wow, Tommy, it has a timer and auto-clean feature – you are one lucky boy.’ It hit me then that I could use my package design skills and love of parody to create fake products to house gifts. I went out, bought a camera and a tripod, and started shooting my first prototype, The Home Dentistry Kit. Using parts from several items, I pieced it together in photoshop, wrote some copy, and built a box.

I’ve been doing graphic design for 30 years – a lot of it package design. I also love parody. From Wacky Packs (in the 70s) to Saturday Night Live fake product commercials, it’s always struck a chord with me. After I did my first few, I met one of the original Onion News founders, and Ryan Walther and I have been biz partners ever since 2010.”

Socks & Lids

“Every household has missing socks and food container lids – which makes Socks & Lids a thoughtful, problem-solving prank gift box.”

Image credits: pranko

As for their creative process, Arik gave a few hints how they research their wonderful ideas. “Inspirations come from everywhere. We look at consumer trends, airplane catalogs, flea markets, surplus shops, late-night infomercials. Once we settle on a style, it’s time to create using random parts, soldering iron, glue guns, spray paint, and more. Them it’s time for photography and writing. We enlist many of our friends and family to model. It’s quite a fun process!”

Toilet Meadow

“A fun prank gift box for the naturalist on your gift list. Features six different pre-seeded toilet seat covers. Just water and wait for a soft bed to sit on.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: pranko

Among Prank-O’s most successful products were “Earwax Candle Kit, Crib Dribbler, Bathe & Brew, and Rotowipe, which is pretty cool because there are four very distinct interests represented!” He also told us what his plans for the future are: “After a really successful fall launch, we’re doing more styles of Prank Gift Cards. We are also creating several more Prank Wine LabelsGreeting Cards, and Flyers. We’ve started the development of an app and we also have several other form factors that will be rolling out in the Spring of 2021, but for now, they’re under wraps. You’ll be among the first I tell, though!”

Donut Holster

“All your favorite fried snacks at arm’s length! This prank gift box is perfect for anyone that enjoys eating and convenience.”

Image credits: pranko

The Mobile Mobile

“The perfect prank gift box for the new parent on your gift list! Kindex’s Mobile Mobile lets you bring baby’s favorite distraction wherever they may go!”

Image credits: pranko

Mold Farm

“Finally, a fun and educational way to dispose of your leftovers! Watch as mold and maggots grow thanks to this amazing activity for children of all ages!”

Image credits: pranko

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