Falling Down Stairs- With Style

Someone call a carpenter, because there is obviously something very wrong with the stairs leading off the concert stage! When someone falls down a flight of stairs in real life, we might hear plenty of banging and screaming, often resulting in injuries, and there’s nothing funny about it. When singers with distinctive and iconic voices fall down the stairs, everyone knows who they are. Master mixer Dustin Ballard, better known as There I Ruined It (previously at Neatorama), shows us what that might sound like. He assures us that no singers were hurt in the making of this nonsense. Each fall is mercifully short, but still paints a picture in our minds. You almost feel sorry for the singer, fictional as this scenario is. You have to wonder what inspired this project, because it can’t have been good. My guess is that Steven Tyler was the original inspiration, but Johnny Cash makes it perfect.

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Source: neatorama

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