Family Maliciously Complies When Asked To Give Their Nieces And Nephews Expensive Gifts

They say that revenge is a dish that’s best served cold. Or is it? Some people think it’s best served gooey, doughy, and water-balloony!

Redditor u/rustybathtub brought a smile to people’s faces after they shared his cunning plan for Christmas this year. You see, their brothers and sisters “basically ordered” him and his wife to buy their nieces and nephews expensive gifts because they believe they’re very well off. The couple thought it was unfair that they were treated this way just because they’re financially responsible, so they came up with the messiest, most fun way to get their revenge on their entitled relatives.

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Scroll down and have a read exactly what this vindictive vengeance entails, Pandas! It might give you some great ideas the next time someone tries to boss you around and guilt you into buying them gifts.

Oh, and keep in mind that there are limits and crystal clear boundaries, even when it comes to fun revenge. That line? It’s made of glitter and drum sets. Yup, glitter and drums are far too much and should be considered Weapons of Mass Disruption in any household.

After being ordered to buy expensive gifts, one redditor decided to mess with their entitled family members by… making a mess

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He shared exactly what he plans to buy his beloved nieces and nephews to get back at their parents

Image credits: rustybathtub

Here’s a bunch of other awesome suggestions for gifts that people had

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The author of the post gave an update to all of his eager readers

Image credits: rustybathtub

Redditor u/rustybathtub’s post on the devilishly technical r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit was a roaring success, netting over 34.8k upvotes and over 3.7k comments in 8 days. In short, the post blew up. And I can see why—it’s well-written, snappy, witty, and is one of the best things I’ve read all month.

The post looks like something out of a movie trailer where they list all the equipment our protagonist will need on their mission to save the day. Though instead of spy gadgets and gear needed for heists, you have play dough, kinetic sand, gooey slime (oh no! Not the gooey slime!), water balloons, and nerf guns.

Honestly, the kids are going to be thrilled playing with all of these things. Their parents? Definitely not as much! Hopefully, they’ll have learned not to pressure anyone into buying their kids gifts just because they’re ‘well off’ in the future. I don’t think they’ll miss the message.

The author of the post joked that all of this could actually be the start of a new Christmas tradition in their family. And traditions are vital when it comes to maintaining close ties to your relatives.

Earlier, Lenore Skenazy, the president of Let Grow, a nonprofit organization that promotes childhood independence, told me that traditions nourish families and give a sense of who we are.

“If the family members were far-flung, the sort of ‘obligation’ to get together annually would keep the family from drifting too far apart. That’s why holidays are so important—they often bring families back together, knitting them together with shared memories,” Lenore explained to Bored Panda why traditions are so important.

“We are the family that always sings this particular song, makes this particular food, gathers for this particular event, or even honors our elders—dead or alive—in this particular way. Just as religions have special holidays, activities, do’s and don’ts, so do families—and they serve a similar purpose: defining and binding a group by what they share,” she said.

“Traditions can be ridiculous—I have a friend whose family always falls to the ground and ‘dances’ on their backs at any get-together. Traditions can harken back to roots, as I’m trying to do myself, by cooking the foods my aunts made, as did generations before them,” Lenore opened up.

“They can be fun—a beach house every summer. They can be quirky—always cooking chicken in beer on Mother’s Day. And they can fall by the wayside and still be revived. Just because you skip a year, or two, or 10, doesn’t mean you can’t start doing something meaningful again. Your kids will love it—they’re hardwired for meaning and continuity. Creating traditions with them enriches their lives and yours.”

Here’s what some internet users had to say about the entire revenge gift idea. Some of them even shared their own similar experiences

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