Family Plans A Cruise Without Telling One Cousin, Hoping She Will Watch All Of Their Kids, Are Furious When It’s Time To Go And She’s Not Home

There’s only so much time each year we get to treat ourselves with a vacation. Naturally, you’d want to use that time to spend a week in the great outdoors or lounge around on your sofa. Whatever floats your boat! And while dedicating this special time to your loved ones is nothing but admirable, the thing with most families is: sometimes you get left out of the fun. Granted, sometimes you just have to put aside your feelings and suck it up. But being left completely in the dark and expected to do everyone’s dirty work while they’re having fun? Well, that’s a whole different case.

As it happened to u/FarPride841 who shared her story on the “Am I The [Jerk]” community. She knew about the commotion that was happening because of her aunt’s retirement getaway celebration. What the author did not know, though, is that everyone decided she would take one for the team and watch their kids – on her days off, which she took to spend time with them, not their little ones. Of course, she wasn’t fine with this double whammy and decided to use her free time to teach her relatives a good lesson in mutual understanding and respect. Which snowballed into a real drama that you’re about to read.

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Being left out by your loved ones is never easy

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Especially during your days off and with unexpected babysitting duties

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When it comes to finding a reliable babysitter, parents have long lamented the challenges of finding quality care for their little ones. Let alone when you have to do this very last minute, making it pretty much impossible.

But a deeper dive into the latest babysitting statistics reveals a paradoxical situation that has left many scratching their heads. Specifically, nearly 70% of parents report struggling to find dependable babysitters, while half of those same caregivers admit to not paying their sitters at all. What gives? Why are parents so reluctant to compensate the very individuals they rely on to watch over their precious offspring?

Some argue that the practice of using friends and relatives as free babysitters perpetuate a culture of unpaid labor that disproportionately falls on women. According to one research, women are more likely than men to provide unpaid care for children, with the burden often falling on grandmothers, aunts, and other female family members. Still, nobody should be expected to be anyone’s babysitter if the understanding isn’t mutual.

Another great problem with this lies in the fact that free nanny services can become a regular thing. You know the drill: you look after your BFF’s kids for a getaway weekend. The next thing you know, the same thing happens again, this time without you agreeing to anything. This kind of situation can be difficult to navigate, and could also lead to strained relationships or resentment between friends and family members.

The author was surprised by how supportive people were and added more context about the way her family is

Most people agreed that this woman should not feel bad about putting herself before her family

However, there were some that thought no one is a saint in this situation

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